Disponibile il primo numero del «Catullan Bulletin. The recent Bibliography on Catullus», che copre gli anni 2018-Maggio 2022.

La rassegna, curata da Simone Gibertini, è pubblicata sotto gli auspici del Laboratorio «Centro Studi Catulliani» dell’Università di Parma.


From the Preface by Giuseppe Gilberto Biondi, Director of the Laboratorio «Centro Studi Catulliani»

I am very pleased to present the first issue of the «Catullan Bulletin: the recent bibliography on Catullus», edited by Simone Gibertini under the auspices of the Laboratorio «Centro Studi Catulliani» at the University of Parma (Italy).

The «Bulletin» aims at collecting the bibliography on Catullus and his Carmina, published worldwide from 2018 to May 2022. It is divided into four main sections: 1. Critical Editions / Editions; 2. Commentaries; 3. Translations; 4. Essays. The last section is in turn organized into seven subsections: 1. Generatim; 2. Text’s tradition; 3. Style & Language; 4. Metric; 5. Catullus’ Models; 6. Fortleben; 7. On single poems.

I hope that this new bibliographic tool may be useful to all Catullus’ readers and scholars, making our research, as pointed out in the introduction page of the Laboratorio «Centro Studi Catulliani» web site, faster, more effective and less expensive.

Parma, 1st June 2022